Vetro Power Footwear Protection for Pernia's Pop-Up Shop (Limited Edition)

Vetro Power & Pernia Qureshi have come together with a limited edition packaging for your Vetro Power Footwear Protection available exclusively on & our website.

In Pernia Qureshi, we have India's leading stylist and fashion icon & her premier shopping property with India's leading fashion designers on-board. Vetro Power Footwear Protection's limited edition packaging captures the allure and power of Pernia's Pop Up Shop while delivering globally unparalleled nanotechnology enabled protection!

Vetro Power Footwear Protection is an extremely powerful Nanotechnology enabled protective coating for your footwear. The spray creates an invisible, hydrophobic (water repellant) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating, which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof.

Vetro Power protects your footwear from everyday accidental spills of liquid (water, alcohol, oil, etc). Any liquid falling onto the coated shoe will form into beads and roll off the surface, taking any dirt and foreign matter along with it - this includes microscopic bacteria and dirt particles, invisible to the naked eye. Your footwear is now effectively liquid, water and dirt proof as no foreign matter can penetrate and settle on the effectively coated surface.

This is your one stop footwear protection!