Application Guide


  1. Ensure the footwear’s surface is clean and dirt free. We recommended using Vetro Power on newly purchased footwear for best results. For newly purchased footwear, rub with a damp cloth to remove any temporary coating.
  2. Shake well and, from a distance of 10-15cm spray several coats, evenly covering the entire surface till damp. Use a soft brush to gently rub the coating into delicate surfaces. 
  3. To ensure an effective and durable coating, repeat entire process again after 10 minutes.
  4. Keep in a cool, dry environment away from sunlight for 24 hours for coating to completely harden and cure. 

25ml of Vetro Power is usually sufficient for a pair of shoes. Boots and larger footwear may require up to 50ml. 

Additional Guidelines:

  • Suitable on Suede, Nubuck, Leather, Fabric, Nylon, Synthetics, Canvas & Sheepskin.
  • Best results occur on newly purchased footwear, due to absence of bacteria and lack of damage compared to, when applied on used footwear.
  • In case of over-spraying and over-saturating, clean with a cloth to absorb the extra pool of liquid to avoid staining and damaging.
  • Do not use on footwear advertised as water repellant, water-proof, stain-proof and hydrophobic.
  • To maintain it’s effectiveness, repeat process every 12 months - we guarantee that a Vetro Powered pair of shoes will last longer than an uncoated equivalent.
  • Do not attempt to physically rub liquids into the footwear to test the coating, there is a heightened probability of damage and staining which may occur. It is important to understand that Vetro Power is aimed at protecting against everyday accidental spills and general wear and tear due to spillage and bacteria.