Vetro Power

Vetro Power is a revolutionary range of products focused on care, cleanliness, efficiency and protection. Most of our products have been created within our globally unparalleled Nanotechnology Centre for Research and Manufacturing.

Vetro Power is available online and in-stores in India, South Korea & UAE.


Trifli Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Varun Mukhi in 2015 to provide Nanotechnology enabled protective coatings for use across a wide range of industries and surfaces. The company manufactures 30+ variants of Nanotechnology enabled coatings which are used in clothing, furniture, leather, construction, infrastructure, automotive, hospitality, and many more industries. Wholesale & Export orders are available on request.

Varun Mukhi


Varun Mukhi is a young and passionate third generation entrepreneur, with an in-depth exposure and understanding in fashion, textiles & the chemical industry. His maternal grandfather was a pioneer in the field of chemicals for textiles and screen printing in India. His father was a renowned garment exporter catering to various catalogue houses and brands worldwide. Being ahead of his time, he used changes in dyeing technology to protect and promote durability and eco-friendly fabric. Drawing from this wealth of experience, Varun established Trifli Technologies for manufacturing & supplying of nanocoatings globally. Further, he established the Vetro Power brand with a focus of creating a dedicated range of retail products & services using nanotechnology for use by the end consumer.

Varun, completed his schooling at the prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai; following up with a Bachelors degree in Law & Business Studies from Warwick Business School and Masters degree in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London.

It was in 2010 during his studies in England, where his journey and passion for shoes and fashion was discovered. Frustrated with consistent weather damage to his footwear, he undertook a project to understand hydrophobic & protective coatings worldwide. With 6 years of research & development, Vetro Power was born equipped with the right technology and the initial focus to develop smarter coatings within the textile industry; thereby taking forward the family mantle!

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